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Cosplay Passions Members

  • sprigtc
  • 23 years old | Riverside, CA, USA

  • vaultboy503
  • I’m looking for Fallout, Star Wars, Marvel and/or LotR cosplayers around the vicinity of Oregon to talk to & go to events or photo shoots with. Basically, I’m lonely, and even the amazing worlds I build on my own can’t really keep me company...
  • 24 years old | Portland, OR, USA

  • thelaststar
  • 20 years old | Bedford, United Kingdom

  • calebchase
  • Homoflexible guy looking for some fun
  • Hey I'm looking for friends and also looking for lovers too. I'm into many TV shows and Films but my favorite genres are Horror, Sci Fi, Found Footage, and some reality TV.. My favorite anime Is/Was Deathnote, Naruto, and Dragonball Z... I'm a former dancer and gymnast. I'm into living out Cosplay fantasies in a huge way. I do love to party and also to play! I'm really into giving guys full body f...
  • 32 years old | Knoxville, TN, USA

  • ling96
  • Ling Enjoy cosplaying when I get the chance at A kon
  • 23 years old | Mesquite, TX, USA

  • lokiindigo
  • I'm Relatively New To Cosplay.
  • I have always been interested in the art of cosplay, but circumstances got in my way for quite a long time. That all changed in March 2018 and ever since I have been a casual-level cosplayer. I intend to take it a step further at some point.
  • 25 years old | Nashville, TN, USA

  • lunerwraith
  • Newbie to the cosplay sceen Never been to one but would love to go to a cosplay convention. Meeting with some like minded people would be great
  • 33 years old | Borough of Oldham, United Kingdom

  • tigerdemi9
  • Ppl call me tiger, I love cosplay and anime’s / manga, I can’t afford get any more cosplay, I do on tik tok a lot. Looking for any female whom can do anything with me like together in cosplay, tik tok, event or whatever. It fun!
  • 24 years old | Safety Harbor, FL, USA

  • lucan
  • 51 years old | Sonoma County, CA, USA

  • exinglity84
  • 34 years old | Portland, United States

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