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Cosplay Passions Members

  • torgor65
  • Just looking for a kind honest person.
  • 19 years old | Grimsby, United Kingdom

  • fel1x
  • Cosplayers are cool people
  • I would definately like to see a proffesional cosplay
  • 21 years old | Moscow, Russian Federation

  • mrbigstuph
  • Snake! Snake? SNAAAAAAKEEE! As you might guess from my title, I cosplay as Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid. I've been using this cosplay since 2010. The ironic bit is, I've only completed Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. I should be ashamed of myself. I really want to do a cosplay of Monty Python's "Spanish Inquisition", especially for anime conventions. I mean, no one expects the Spanish I...
  • 28 years old | Marietta, GA, USA

  • skrillin23
  • I'm new to Cosplay… In fact I've never been to a convention although I have constructed a few costumes and have worn them in my home for a few pictures. I would like to get out and meet more cosplayers but I'm kind of shy.
  • 41 years old | Atlanta, GA, USA

  • boko
  • 31 years old | Middleburg, FL, USA

  • drwho1963
  • DrWho1963
  • DrWho1963 A Whovian, Renaissance, Marvel, and Halloween Cosplayer looking for friends of the same genre or similar. Not really looking for the dating thing right away, just need friends who share the same passions and values. With the potential of a real relationship in the future, perhaps. dating in general doesn't seem to work, lets be friends first. Really, I am just a simple guy, Artist...
  • 56 years old | Scottsdale, AZ, USA

  • deer7762
  • 57 years old | Rural Area, TN, USA

  • jaz1
  • 41 years old | Hereford, AZ, USA

  • peekabooparker
  • Newbie wants to participate in Cosplay I am a single 32 female in search of friends, dating, possible relationship with people of similar interests..
  • 36 years old | Philadelphia, PA, USA

  • freddeadxo
  • for the glory and honor of the clan.
  • Im new to this world i never thought id cosplay but over the years im very interested.
  • 22 years old | Rio Piedras, PR, USA

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