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Cosplay Fever

Cosplay Fever is a celebration of an extraordinary art-form, with over 300photographs of inventive and talented cosplayers. Cosplay (meaning ""costumerole-play"") has been a significant subculture in Japan for decades, but it isnow growing in popularity all over the world. Cosplayers dress up in thecostumes of their favorite characters from manga, anime, movies, video games andother popular media, then step into the shoes of those characters as they adopttheir attributes and personality traits.There is incredible diversity ondisplay in Cosplay Fever. Some of the costumes are bought or speciallycommissioned. Others are painstakingly constructed over months or even years.There are expertly-crafted works of art, made from materials such as metal,latex, and synthetic leather. And there are less permanent creations, made fromold cardboard boxes and duct tape.The costumes are elaborate andeye-catching, or simple yet ingenious, or beautiful and evocative, orhorrifying, or delightful, or goofy and amusing. While every costume iswonderfully unique, each one reflects the creative spirit of the individualcosplayer. It is this creative spirit which has inspired the development ofCosplay Fever.

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